Our Goals

The goals listed in the graphic above (special thanks to Mary Ann Falk for creating these amazing images) are our two main goals as a building this school year.
We chose 95% attendance because our employers constantly tell us that the most important attribute any employee can have is the ability to show up.  They feel like if an employee is there, they will learn what the company needs them to learn and be productive.  Attendance is vital to the success of any employee and business.
We chose 85% passage of WebXams because these tests are now required by Federal and State law.  We consider our students to be the best of the best in career tech education, and we think we can prove that by shooting for a high rate of passage on these end of course tests.
WHEN we reach our goals (we're a confident group at Vantage), the students will be rewarded with a pizza party and "fun day" out of classes at the end of the year.  Please continue to encourage each-other to reach our goals.
As of the end of September, we were at 95.6% attendance for the year.  Way to go so far!  WebXams won't be given until later in the school year, but I will keep you posted here and on social media as new updates become available.
Thank you for your time!